Friday, February 7, 2014

The Origins Debate


[Photo of Creation]

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

—from Genesis 1:1


In the last few days, I’ve read a great deal about the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate regarding the subject of “origins.” Ham espoused a literal biblical view of classic creationism. Nye espoused a literal secular humanistic/agnostic view of Darwinian evolution.

Many commentators have skewered Ham, including some who testify that they hold orthodox (even evangelical) Christian beliefs. Some have even launched attacks on him when they clearly did not watch the debate. I am saddened, but not surprised by these rants.

The Bible does not claim to be a science textbook. Nor has every critically important precept of Darwinian evolution been proven by rigorous scientific examination. To claim otherwise, in either case, reveals what is true for most people. Namely that they don't understand all the nuisances of this debate.

It’s high time we stopped pretending that science has “proven” evolution. It has not. There remains many “holes” in the scientific rigor regarding evolution. It was originally presented by Darwin as a theory—thus its official name—and it remains an unproven theory.

All that really matters is that God created all that exists. I do not pretend to know His means. I am content to worship Him for who He has revealed Himself to be through His creation and, more importantly, through His Son, my Savior.

Ken Ham may not speak for me in this matter. But, most certainly, Bill Nye doesn’t speak for me in this matter either.

Until that Great Day when I pass from this life to eternity, I will neither know the truth, nor will I care very much about debating something that no human can likely fully understand.

Will you please pray with me?

Thank You, God, for loving us. Thank You for sending Jesus to be our Savior. Thank You for sending us Your Holy Spirit to dwell within us.

We stand before you humbled and amazed by that which You alone have created. While we may not understand your means of creation, we certainly can clearly see Your hand at work around us.

Help us to learn to gently hold to the truth of your Word, while extending Your love and grace to those who may disagree with us. May we continually be ambssadors to those who cross our pathway.

Thank You for hearing our prayer in and through the precious Name of Your Son, our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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