Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Birthday Card

Today I celebrate the completion of another year of life. Increasingly, as I have gotten older, birthdays mean less and less to me; just another day. Add to this rather “ho-hum” attitude of mine the events earlier this year that turned my world upside down and robbed me of the opportunity to minister and serve, and I approached this particular birthday with even less enthusiasm than usual.

But someone sent me a birthday card.

The card contained a poem by Roy Lessin. You may or may not know his name. Roy Lessin has written literally thousands of poems. In 1971, Roy and three other Christian businessmen founded DaySpring Cards. For over 30 years Roy, in his role of senior writer, has written words of encouragement to millions of people who have received a DaySpring Card honoring special days in their lives.

Roy’s words brought tears to my eyes and also overwhelmed me with a sense of gratitude to God. Roy’s words changed my birthday for the better.

When God made you
He did so with a purpose and a plan.

He saw all your days before
you lived one of them
and placed over you
the covering of His protective love.

He has allowed nothing
to come into your life
that has not first been screened
through that love.

His hand has remained upon you
to this very day.

He calls you by name.

You are His beloved child...
the apple of His eye...
the delight of His heart.

Today you are in the exact place
He wants you to be,
and tomorrow He will be with you
as He has always been—
in goodness, in kindness,
in faithfulness.

—Roy Lessin

© DaySpring Cards, Siloam Springs, AR
All Rights Reserved.

Yes. Someone sent me a birthday card. Thank you.

Copyright © 2009 by Dean K. Wilson. All Rights Reserved.